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-====== QUALISYS Motion Capture System, ProReflex ====== 
-{{ ::​qualisys_marker_qua_1.jpg?​nolink&​130|QUALISYS Motion Capture System}} 
-For motion capture and to analyze kinematic data we use an infrared camera system from QUALISYS. The cameras record 3D positions of reflective markers placed on the subject. Key components of the system are the [[http://​lauflabor.ifs-tud.de/​images/​stories/​Facilities/​PI_Oqus.pdf|Oqus cameras]] and the [[http://​lauflabor.ifs-tud.de/​images/​stories/​Facilities/​PI_QTM.pdf|Qualisys Track Manager (QTM)]] software. \\ 
-**Link to the manufacturer:​** [[http://​www.qualisys.com/​|QUALISYS]]