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Within a student project Anne Rickert and Maik Tomuschat from the University of Jena (sport scientists) made a podcast with and about three members of the Lauflabor.

Karl Kalveram, Susanne Lipfert and Jürgen Rummel present their recent research as audio interview. All interviews are held in German.

Robotics with Prof. Karl Theodor Kalveram

Background of Prof. Kalveram

Karl Kalveram was born 1935 in Duisburg. He has studied mathematics and physics at the University of Bonn. After he finished his state examination at the University of Marburg he studied Diploma psychology. Furthermore he had worked as a graduate assistent before he got an assistentship and received the doctorate. After that he went to Duesseldorf and became professor in ordinary until he was retired.

From Düsseldorf to Jena

After his retirement he started his work at the Lauflabor. At a congress in Boston he met Andre Seyfarth, they got involved with each other. And after a period of two years he was much more in Jena than in Duesseldorf.

Prof. Kalveram explains about Fridolin reacher
(1:06 min, movie included, German)

Kalveram KT, Seyfarth A. Learning the inverse model of the dynamics of a robot leg by auto-imitation. Autonome Mobile Systeme 2007, Berns K, Luksch T (Eds.), Springer: 308-314, 2007.

Prof. Kalveram explains about MarcoHopper
(2:00 min, movie included, German)

Seyfarth A, Kalveram KT, Geyer H. Simulating muscle-reflex dynamics in a simple hopping robot. Autonome Mobile Systeme 2007, Berns K, Luksch T (Eds.), Springer: 294-300, 2007.

Prof. Kalveram introduces the JenaWalker
(1:21 min, German)

Smith JA, Seyfarth A. Exploring toe walking in a bipedal robot. Autonome Mobile Systeme 2007, Berns K, Luksch T (Eds.), Springer: 287-293, 2007.

From Hopping to Walking
(1:34 min, German)

Kalveram KT, Häufle D, Seyfarth A. From Hopping to Walking: How the Biped Jena-Walker can learn from the Single-Leg Marco-Hopper, Advances in Mobile Robotics: Proc. of 11th CLAWAR, Marques L, Almeida A, Tokhi MO, Virk GS (Eds.), World Scientific: 638-645, 2008.

Experiments on human gait with Susanne Lipfert

Background of Susanne Lipfert

Suzi graduated from the Technical University of Munich, Germany, in 2001 with a German diploma degree in Sports Science. In 2002 she did research work at the Human Performance Lab in Calgary, Canada, and at the Lerner Research Foundation of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA. Since 2004 she is a member of the Lauflabor Locomotion Lab in Jena, Germany.

Suzi talks about human gait
(11:26 min, German)

Lipfert SW, Günther M, Seyfarth A. Diverging times in movement analysis. Journal of Biomechanichs, in press.

Lipfert SW, Günther M, Grimmer S, Seyfarth A. Kinematics in human gait - How similar are walking and running?. Journal of Experimental Biology, submitted.

Lipfert SW, Günther M, Seyfarth A. Joint characteristics during human walking and slow running. Journal of Biomechanichs, in prep.

Simulations with Jürgen Rummel

Background of Jürgen Rummel

Jürgen gratuated in electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Jena. After working in an engineering company Juergen switched to the Lauflabor and followed through with his dream to work as scientist.

Jürgen explains about segmented legs
(11:04 min, German)

Rummel J, Seyfarth A. Stable running with segmented legs. International Journal of Robotics Research, 27(8): 919-934, 2008.