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Mahdy Eslamy

Mahdy Eslamy

Mahdy Eslamy
Locomotion Laboratory
Institut of Sport Science
Technical University of Darmstadt
Alexanderstr. 10, Room number 45 (Gaitlab 019)
D-64289 Darmstadt (Germany)

phone: +49 (0)6151 - 16 75666 or 75669
fax: +49 (0)6151 - 163661

About me

I studied Mechanical Engineering in IUST (Applied Design) and KNTU (Robotics and Control) both in Tehran, Iran.

  • Master Thesis: “Control and Dynamics of Suspended/non-suspended Wheeled Mobile Robotic Systems (with Manipulators) during Object Manipulation Tasks”

A brief introduction can be found here Springer Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems, DOI: 10.1007/s10846-010-9413-z

My current research deals with powered ankles, where I am responsible for design and defining control structures.

Currently I a working on the control and laboratory experiments with our Powered Ankle Knee Ortho-prosthesis PAKO.

Watch a video clip of laboratory experiments with PAKO here

You can find me also at the Institute for Mechatronic Systems in Mechanical Engineering IMS.


  • Robotics
  • Control
  • Mechanism Design



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