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Lab Talks


When? Who? What? Where?
10:00, Aug 31st Hendrik Reimann How to walk on two legs: neural control of balance during walking in humans Red Saloon (S1/15, Room 29)
11:00, Aug 17th Koh Hosoda Soft Humanoid Robotics Red Saloon (S1/15, Room 29)
10:00, Jul 13th Seungmoon Song Modeling human locomotion control and its applications Red Saloon (S1/15, Room 29)
15:00, May 15th Lars Donath Acute and interventional effects of exercise training on postural control in seniors: Applicability of novel training approaches PC Pool (S1/17)
13:15, Apr 3rd Mahoammad Karimi Evaluation the possibility of correction of Toe in Gait based on Motion analysis, 3d Modeling of leg and Finite Element analysis approaches Red Saloon (S1/15, Room 29)
16:30, Feb 6th Jochen Roeper Biophysical control of learning by disappointment in the dopamine system Wilhelm-Köhler Hall
16:30, Jan 10th Rainer Goebel Neural correlates of expectation and consciousness (7+ Tesla) Wilhelm-Köhler Hall


When? Who? What? Where?
16:30, Dec 6th Felix Wichmann Comparing deep neural networks against humans Wilhelm-Köhler Hall
18:15, Dec 4th Wolfgang Potthast Faire Vorteile, unfaire Nachteile S1/05 122
18:15, Nov 27th Lutz Worms Exercise is medicine – Sport macht sogar schlau S1/05 122
18:15, Nov 20th Robert Riener Wie kann Robotik den Menschen unterstützen? S1/05 122
18:15, Nov 13th Gudrun Doll-Tepper Inklusion im und durch Sport S1/05 122
16:30, Oct 18th Patrick van der Smargd From probability densities to robotics Wilhelm-Köhler Hall
11:00, Apr 3rd Tom Verstraten Energy efficient actuators for biomechanical applications ( Slides) Alexanderstr. 10, room 29
13:15, Feb 21st Mohammad Shahbazi Control of Dynamic Legged Locomotion Based on Spring-Mass Models Alexanderstr. 10, room 29


When? Who? What? Where?
16:00, Jul 27th Alexander Sproewitz Agile and Robust Legged Robot Locomotion using Bioinspired Design and Control Primitives S1 18 / 202


When? Who? What? Where?
11:30, Nov 5th Dan Ballard Towards a model of human motor control S1 18 / 202
17:00, Nov 5th Koh Hosoda Understanding human's adaptive bipedal walking by using cadaver feet/ artificial muscular-skeletal hybrid robot Alexanderstr. 10, room 29
17:00, Jul 8th Fabian Walke “GYMWATCH- Innovative fitness tracking” Alexanderstr. 10, room 29
17:00, Jul 1st Dai Owaki How Do Quadrupeds Change Their Locomotive Patterns?: A Minimal CPG for Interlimb Coordination Alexanderstr. 10, room 29
17:00, Apr 23rd John Rebula Mechanisms of Stability and Energy Expenditure in Human Locomotion Alexanderstr. 10, room 29


When? Who? What? Where?
Wed, Jun 18th, 10:00 Rico Möckel Towards novel distributed smart technologies through inspiration by biology S202 E302


When? Who? What? Where?
Thu, Nov 21st Ramazan Unal WalkMECH: Design of an Energy-Efficient Transfemoral Prosthesis Alexanderstr. 10,
room 29
Tue, Feb 05th Andreas Merker Numerical bifurcation analysis of the bipedal spring-mass model
Wed, Oct 09th Amir Degani Minimalistic control for the ParkourBot, a Dynamic Climbing Robot Alexanderstr. 10,
room 29
Tue, Feb 05th Andreas Merker Numerical bifurcation analysis of the bipedal spring-mass model Conference-room,
Magdalenenstr. 27
Tue, Jan 15th Daniel Häufle Muscle Reflex Systems as Drive Concepts S102 / 144

Talks Before 2013 ...