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Dennis Dahms

Arjang Ahmadi

Arjang Ahmadi (Research Assistant)
Locomotion Laboratory
Institute of Sport Science
Technical University of Darmstadt


About me

I received a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Control Engineering from the University of Tehran, Iran, in 2016. My B.Sc. thesis concentrated on Quadruped Robot. After getting some experience in the field of locomotion, i interested in the field of Exosuit and Exoskeleton. after publishing and developing the Exoskeleton i wanted to improve my skills and knowledge in the field of Locomotion. Therefore, I got to know the Lauflabor Locomotion laboratory at TU Darmstadt. I decided to come to Germany and I'm already an M.Sc student at TU Darmstadt and studying Control engineering. I have been a research assistant in Lauflabor locomotion Laboratory since 2019 and working with great team. I am interested in Robotic systems, Locomotion, and Rehabilitation. I like designing the structure, embedded system, programming, and designing controller for robots and enjoy working at the intersection of these disciplines.